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Unit 5 Working with People on a Construction Site


Unit aim:

This unit is designed to meet the needs of construction Site Supervisors, to provide them with knowledge of how to work with people.

This unit has an Introduction and is divided into 3 study sections.


Section 1 Selection of Personnel

5.1.1 Understand the selection process for new personnel

5.1.2 Define the requirements for the post, including essential and desirable characteristics.

5.1.3 Identify the selection procedures.

5.1.4 Compare the applicants’ with Job.

5.1.5 Selection interviews with the applicants.

Section 2 Working Relationships

5.2.1 Understand how to establish and maintain working relationships with managers, colleagues, customers and the community

5.2.2 Identify the characteristics of good working relationships.

5.2.3 Inform people about work activities.

5.2.4 Conveying information and instructions

5.2.5 Maintaining working relationships with customers and members of the community

Section 3 Leadership & Management Skills

5.3.1 Understand the characteristics of leadership and people management skills.

5.3.2 Identify the characteristics of leadership and management.

5.3.3 Choose different leadership and management styles appropriate to the situation.

5.3.4 Describe motivating factors and explain when to apply them to a team.

5.3.5 Explain how to minimise interpersonal conflict between staff.

Unit Recommended Reading

Foster, G (1989) Construction site studies production, administration and personnel (2nd Ed), Longman; Harlow.

This book is recommended for units 1, 2, 4, 5 & 6

Books can be ordered from most bookshops or online from Amazon.


Before starting you should read the ‘Study Guide’ accessible from the link on the left. When you have done that return to this page and click on the ‘Introduction’ button above.

When you are working on the unit you will be able to access the sections by clicking on their title above.

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